The Idea of Going Back to College

The past few months, I’ve been bouncing back and forth on the idea on whether or not going back to college would be a good idea or not. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this, as I’ve been pretty unhappy with where I’m at career wise. For a quick summary on it, I work as a programmer analyst for a railroad company, and I’ve been there for a few years now. The time here has been a great learning experience, but I don’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I feel that want to do more with writing for my career, and that got me thinking if going back to school for Creative Writing would be worth it.

Probably since the beginning of college, I’ve wanted to get myself out there in the gaming industry, and I thought being a developer would be the way to go. It wasn’t until recently, that every time I imagine working for a game studio, that I would rather be in the writing department. Putting my time in on creating a story for the game, and put for what I believe to have a creative mind into a product that I love. Outside of the gaming industry, I do want to write my own stories, as I do want to become an author someday. Have a few ideas on what I would write a book about, but I haven’t taken the plunge on starting that yet.

With college on my mind, I thought that going back would be a great opportunity to work more on my writing skills, and pick up new techniques as I work on my degree. I looked at a few colleges that offered online programs in Creative Writing, because I believe that taking online courses would be more efficient for me with having a full-time job. It would also give me the freedom to work on my assignments whenever I can, as I didn’t want to alter my schedule, and be a burden on my boss.

I was able to talk to one of the schools I reached out to, and after about thirty minutes on the phone with them, I felt a lot more confident on the idea of going back. Fun fact for anyone that might not know (I know I didn’t), but you can go for your Masters on a field of study that’s not related to what you got you Bachelors in. I was floored when they told me that even with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, that I can still go for my Masters in Creative Writing. That actually changed my decision during the conversation that going for my Masters would be a better option for me.

After the phone call, I was excited to tell my fiancé about what they told me, because she’s been very supportive of the idea on me going back to school. Unfortunately that phone call didn’t seem like that at all, because she wasn’t sure if going back to school would be a good idea for me to do right now. With our wedding coming up in September, and classes starting up at the end of October, she thought that it will be too soon and too expensive to do right now. She was more suggesting to me that maybe I should wait until our wedding was over for me to really think about going back to school.

The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with her on this being all too sudden for me and maybe regretting it. I would be digging more into my debt with the Masters degree, which would put more stress on the both of us throughout the year. And I rather not upset the future Mrs. as she’s done so much for me with my loans, only to build up more for something that would’ve been just a spontaneous decision. So with that, it seems pretty obvious that I’ll be letting the college know that I will not be attending at the end of this month.

I don’t want to hang up the idea of going back to school yet, as I agree that maybe after the wedding would be a better time to enroll. So with almost another year until the wedding arrives, I can work more on my blog site. And if I keep up to date on my posts on the site, the idea of pursuing the Creative Writing degree would feel more reasonable. I have a goal set for myself for the day that I get married, I would like to have at least one story out on my site for everyone to read. I think it’ll be a great task to work on over the time, and get some of my creative ideas out there to share with.

With that, I do want to know if any of you agree with me that I should wait a little bit on going to college. Or do you think that I should’ve taken the opportunity as soon as I should? Was going back for another degree (Associates, Bachelors or Masters) worst the time for you, or not? I’d love to hear the stories that you may have, and some tips on for someone who hasn’t been in school for over 5 years now. I appreciate the time you all took to read my post, and I look forward to writing some more!

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