Video game lore

Every year, I like to give myself a few video game resolutions to change up the way I play games the previous year, and to not put myself into a rut. Working on my backlog is a given as I’ll be doing that regardless. Plus with a list of games longer than Santas Christmas list, I don’t think I’d get to where I want to be by the end of the year. So I like to explore some things that I never really paid attention to when playing video games as a kid. With that, I decided to try to get more involved into the video game lore that the developers take the time to build for us to explore.

For anyone that might not know, lore is the collective knowledge on a particular subject (full definition grabbed on A lot of games that you may have played throughout your time probably had some kind of lore that would fill you in the pieces of events that happened in the game. It could be just information on certain characters, landmarks, or planets you recently visit. There could be so much that you can learn about a game from their lore that could really enhance the story for you.

From the very beginning of me playing video games till I’d say a few years ago, I just glossed over the short stories that the game would tell. I wouldn’t have taken the time to read some in game books (really just a paragraph or two), as I just wanted to get right into the action. To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve cared as I was younger, I just think the interest came in as of recently. Kind of like some food you hated as a kid but now you love, that’s video game lore to me.

I do want to throw a few games that I’ve dipped my toes in with reading up on their lore, because to me, looking up on some of the stories that are written for their games really opens up about the world they are in. There was one game where just reading up the stories told in that world, was one of the reasons as to why it was my #1 played game last year on Xbox. Definitely gave me a new perspective on the time and effort people put into these games on stories alone.

While Anthem hasn’t been a successful game to the majority of gamers, one thing I think they did really well was the world they built for this game. It’s one of the newer games that came out, so most of the backstory is small for certain topics, but what has been created so far for it, can lead up to so much more in the future. This game is one I feel more confident than others with understanding the lore on, and one I would love to write a fan fiction novel for.

To obtain the lore in the game, the easiest way is by playing through the story, most of the people you talk to or the mission you go through adds a new piece of information in your in game library. Not all of the lore is obtained just by going through the storyline. I would say the rest of the lore is by collecting codexes in your home base (Fort Tarsis), or when you’re out exploring.

The only fear I have for Anthem is with how the game launched, they may just not continue on with it. With people moving from the team go to work on the upcoming Dragon Age game, and their road map put on hold, it’s a shame as there is a lot of potential to expand this world. I do keep up with the developers and I’m crossing my fingers that this E3, they will have some news to put the game back in business.

Without Googling “Top 10 Video Games With The Best Lore”, I would put money on it that you wouldn’t find anything that didn’t mention The Elder Scrolls series in it. There’s so much in this game series that I wouldn’t blame you on being intimidated because there’s so much going on. This game series was one of the first games that I looked at it differently because of the lore, and was the reason as to why Elder Scrolls Online was my most played Xbox game last year.

A lot of the lore that is obtained in the game comes in my opinion, comes from reading the books that the games have to offer for you. They’re about a few paragraphs to read, but a lot of them cover timeline events, or more information on races or artifacts you may have been informed on. Also, just talking to the NPC’s you meet on your journey can really fill you in on what’s going on around you. I have restarted Skyrim about 4-5 different times, and each time I have conversed with an NPC that told me something that I have never heard of before.

If if you rather focus on the main story on one of their games, and rather catch up on the lore some other time, there are a few areas to just do that. If you prefer reading, the group over at UESP (The Unofficial Elder Scrolls pages) has create a website that has almost everything collected from every Elder Scrolls game for you to read. The site is still growing as there’s more content from the game series that comes out, and with the new Elder Scrolls game in the making, there’s more to be added to the lore in the game. If you prefer audio, I recommend two podcasts to give a listen. One is the Loreseekers podcast who are probably the most recent out of the group of Elder Scrolls podcasts. The other podcast is Tales of Tamriel, who have been around before Elder Scrolls Online even came out.

Destiny 2 lore is the one that I would consider to be a huge newbie at on knowing much of. Shortly after Forsaken came out, I decided to give the game another go. Created a new character, and ran through the entire game along with the expansions for the first time. This time around something clicked for me, and shortly after, I spent months in the game just grinding out gear and doing as much PvE content as I could. Wasn’t much till after the game sunk it’s teeth into me that I decided to take a look at what the game’s lore had out there.

There’s a way to collect the lore about the game from just playing, which are called grimoire cards, but I would recommend other alternatives for reading up on it. Bungie has released a book called Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume 1 which is a collection of the grimoire cards from what I believe is the first game only. They’re still in the making of the second volume for the anthology, but there’s been no date on when that is coming. I would also recommend this site called Ishtar Collective, which is a collection of all the lore that is obtained from the game for you to read. This site is nicely done on design, and ease of navigation, that everything you need to start reading up on is right there.

I wish I took lore more seriously at a younger age when playing video games, because then I would’ve had more than just three games listed on for you. Eventually, I’d like to venture out on more game series lore, but I haven’t taken the plunge on that yet. Games like Warcraft, Halo, and Warhammer (either Warhammer or 40k) have always interested me, but they definitely are intimidating on how much is out there for them. For anyone that has dove into the lore for these games, what would you say is a good place to start?

That about wraps up this post for me on here. I do want to thank you for the time taken to read up on this post, and appreciate any feedback on how I can make my blog posts any better. Hope you all have a great day or night, and until next time!

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