My favorite video games of all time

It’s safe to say for anyone who enjoys video games, they will have one or more games that they would put in a list as their favorites. There will always be that game where years down the road, you’d still take the time, and revisit just because you loved playing. Could be the story that was told, the characters you grew close with as if they were long lost friends, or the game could just be it being downright fun to play and the gameplay alone grabbed you.

I have tried to figure out if I wanted to do a set number like 5 or 10, and build off of that, but I feel as though that I would either be cutting games out, or adding games that maybe shouldn’t be there. All of these games I put on here, I do highly recommend trying out, or if you have played some of them and had the same feelings that I did, I would love to know! It’s always a great feeling when you meet other gamers, that felt the same way you do on a game you loved (or even hate). But anyway, I think it’s time to get the list started now shall we!

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars was one of the first turn based role playing games that I ever got to experience as a kid. This is one of my top games ever on my favorites, as it has one of the best characters in video games history is in this game, Geno. I do question myself on whether or not this game deserves to be one here, because I admit, I never beat this game. But this game is just so good, that it has always been one that I would say to be one of my favorite video games. The story can get whacky, but is one of the most memorable ones out there. The soundtrack is stellar, where the music hits all of the right notes on every level that you are at. I could be wrong, but this is one of the only games where Mario and Bowser work together! It’s available for the virtual console on the Wii U , or it’s one of the selected games for the SNES Classic.

For as long as I can remember, real time strategy games has always been a genre of video games that I loved playing, and Warcraft 3 was the one that I would crown my favorite. Even though I wasn’t good at the game, there was something about managing an army, and building a base, and conquering others that I sunk so many hours into. This game series I do wish I paid more attention to the lore, because the story in this game was really well done, and World of Warcraft throws references to Warcraft 3. The online was where I spent most of my time because of the custom game mode. This was where people created mini games using the Warcraft 3 world builder, to create game modes like tower defenses and created the MOBA game DOTA. During Blizzcon of 2018, they announced that Warcraft 3 is getting a visual upgrade with it being called Warcraft 3: Reforged. So you know what I’ll be playing soon enough!

Skyrim was my entry to open world role playing games. The next game I’m going to put on here, may have never been played if it were not for the enjoyment I have had with Skyrim. One of the few games where the best way to play is to just explore, and not even worry about the quests that you may have. I have spent hours just exploring caves, meeting townsfolk and hearing their stories, and fus ro dah goats off of mountains. This game has made me realize how fun side quests can be in a game, and how I didn’t mind getting involved with a lovers quarrel between two guys and a girl. There was something going on in this game, as it felt like a real life city at times. When people joke about Skyrim going on every platform out there, I laugh because I am the person that bought this on just about every platform available. Every time I restart this game, I’m always running into something I have never seen before, and I’m still in awe on how much they put into this.

If it were not for playing Skyrim, I may have never looked at The Witcher 3, and may have never played what is to me the best game of this generation. I will tell you till I’m blue in the face, that if you have never played this game before, you must give this game a try. The story to this game is one of the best story writing that I have ever seen, where side quests in this game has better writing than some games alone. I have never felt more emotionally involved with the characters in the game, and the world that you are in. There’s also expansions added on to the game, that can take you 20 or more hours to complete, which is insane to me, especially with how well each of them were. Please play this game if you haven’t already, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

If there was a game from 2006 until maybe 2017 that I would go back to just because of the multiplayer, it would have to be the first Gears of War. The story I will admit wasn’t one of the better ones out there (except for what happens in Gears of War 2, which I’ll hold from spoiling), but the multiplayer is what I spent over hundreds of hours back in high school. I think in all honesty, the main reason I always enjoyed playing this game, was just because I was good at it. Definitely not professional level, but I was able to hold my own when playing against others, where 2 players versus me was a doable thing at the time. When the ultimate edition came out a few years ago, I was brought back to how much fun this game was, and remember the 3 to 4 hours of sleep I had just from late nights of playing.

For the last game on my list, this one is a more recent addition to one of my favorite games of all time. I didn’t jump onto Overwatch until a year after it came out, as I remember buying this game of the year edition right when it hit a year old. Overwatch is a team oriented game, where the character you play has a role that could change the ties of the match. Whether you could be a damage hero, a support hero, or a tank hero, each one is very unique with their own abilities that it feels like you’re playing something new with each hero. There are constant updates to the game, with new heroes or new maps and occasionally new events where new cosmetics, emotes, or sprays can be acquired from loot crates in the game. Which I will add, loot crates in this game are how any game should be doing them. I do tend to play this game solo, but for anyone thinking about playing, I do recommend playing with a group of friends.

That about wraps up my list of favorite video games or all time. I do hope some of the games I mentioned are some that you may give a shot down the road, or would love to hear what you like/dislike on some of the games on here. I’m also open to recommendations you may have as well! Once again, thank you for your time to read this blog post, and I hope to see you again on here!

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